Friday, April 14, 2006

Ungraciousness is disappointing

In a previous post, I wrote about making a German chocolate cake for a coworker's birthday. That coworker was leaving the company several days after her b-day, and would not be acknowledged in the company monthly birthdays the following week.

I liked this girl, and she had confided in me about her situation (shitty treatment by her supervisor) in the weeks prior to her quitting. I was supportive and tried to offer her sound advice on the most mature way to resolve things.

Said coworker came in today to get her last paycheck. I saw her in her old department, talking to a couple of people. She never once acknowledged me. She didn't say "bye" on her last day, either.

She never did say "thank you" for the birthday cake.

I should have known not to expect a "thank you"- she left on a previously scheduled errand before eating her slice, so I left it (and an extra piece for her fiancé) on her desk.

She never returned that day. When she got back the following day, I'm assuming the day-old cake was thrown away. It was never mentioned.

It may seem, from the content of this post, that I am a doormat type- willingly flinging myself at the feet of those who do not deserve it. But I am not. In fact, I consider myself pretty selective of those upon whom I bestow my niceness.

So to figure out that I was throwing good cake after bad is very disappointing. Time to readjust the decency meter.



At 7:30 PM, April 15, 2006, Blogger catlover926 said...

Oh, my, Jen, I see so much of myself in you and sometimes it bothers me. I'm afraid you possibly have a tendency to judge many people harshly, but put others on a pedestal. What I am continually shown, but keep failing to learn/remember, is that those I judge too harshly probably don't deserve it to the degree I dish it out, and ditto for those I put on a pedestal. Be forewarned.

At 1:26 PM, April 17, 2006, Blogger TheIdleReceptionist said...


The cake would've never been thrown away in OUR office! We're a bunch of hungry-hungry hippos.

But it really was crappy for her to rebuff you after you were so nice to her!


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