Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My boss is begging to be sued...

...mostly because of his own blind eye toward the actions of our operations manager, whom I shall call Tammy.

Earlier this year, it was made known (though not by any specific distribution of policy or official announcement) that family members or friends of employees would no longer be hired.

(It should be mentioned that the company has experienced at least part of its growth in the past 3 years due to the buddy system of employment. My husband and I both work here in two different capacities, IT and accounting. But my husband did not recommend or hire me- the company president did.)

Since then, according to the grapevine, two women have been specifically told by Tammy that their family member could not come apply for a job- one woman whose daughter wanted to apply, another whose brother sought to work here.

Despite these two denials, the so-called policy has been bent for other people. The totally incompetent sister of a manager was hired this summer. The cousin of our former receptionist was also hired. Now, today, Tammy's husband is here as a "filing temp." This position has been held before by other people who wound up working for us full time.

You might wonder how this has anything to do with my post title, that my boss is begging to be sued. Well, ladies and germs, the prospect comes from the fact that the employee whose brother wanted to apply here happens to be black. If this lady and her brother wanted to, they could slap my boss with an EEOC claim that would make his head spin.

It would be difficult to dispute. Tammy's mother works here in Tammy's department, and her grandmother is employed as our cleaning lady. Her husband is now acting as a filing clerk, supposedly only for a few days. At least three other women working here were friends of Tammy's when they were hired, before the policy was set in place. Then you have the two other relatives of other employees that were hired.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


At 6:42 PM, November 01, 2006, Blogger Andrew said...

That does sound short sighted. I hope it all gets worked out.

To Love, Honor and Dismay


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