Friday, November 18, 2005

Do something nice for others

I hate the term "compassionate conservatism," like conservatism in and of itself does not include compassion unless you add it on. Bull puckey.

I also detest the usage of "less fortunate" and "disadvantaged." Honestly, most of the great unwashed in our country are just as fortunate and advantaged as the rest of us. They screwed up their lives with poor choices of dropping out, joblessness, drugs, alkeehol, gambling, unwed childbearing, crime, etc. If you need words to use for these types, try "poor" or "homeless."

The only ones who are truly less fortunate and disadvantaged are the children of the adult unwashed. They didn't ask to be born unto lazy ne'er-do-wells, just like I didn't ask to be born so freakin' smart. :D

Regardless, I do want to help my fellow man. I already posted about the ARF volunteering. That was easy. I love animals. They're without guile, without deception. They don't milk welfare. They don't forge Social Security information or lie on their taxes. They do tend to have a lot of illegitimate children, especially those slutty cats, so I guess they are a little like people, but that's where the similarities end. I guess if you're talking about MY animals, they can also be very lazy and shiftless. But they're cute, so that's ok. And I got mine fixed.

Anyway, I'm trying to go outside of myself a bit and help others, the human kind. Fear not, I'm not going all bedwetting liberal or anything. Just trying to help those in need, especially kids.

I've just organized a food drive at my job for the local Community Food Bank. Two large cardboard boxes and a few well-placed posters will do most of the work. Hopefully my coworkers will go along and help fill the boxes with non-perishables.

We have a rather nice company Chrismas party coming up in a month; I'm contemplating doing Toys For Tots on that one..

Now don't get me wrong. I am certainly no bleeding heart. My motives are purely selfish. I like showing my liberal coworkers that Democrats do not corner the market on being generous and charitable. My animal volunteering is way selfish- I get to play with cats and dogs all day! My bloodletting to the Red Cross is meant to get me over my fear of needles before I go and have kids, meaning IVs and possibly an epidural. My regular boxes of clothing to Goodwill is a much more desirable choice than having garage sales, which are always pains in the ass and remind me too much of my mother and her secondhand fetish.

So fear not. I'm still as coldhearted and mean as ever.


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