Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday Already?

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: WMP on random, song of the moment is "Mamacita" by Outkast.

Made it through Halloween just fine. I wore an 80s chick costume all day- neon green off the shoulder tee, jean skirt, big bangs, side pony รก la Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. Oh yeah...Rockin' the side ponytail. We actually had quite a few trick-or-treaters, which was nice. The dogs got in some quality barking time with every one.

Of course, there were the requisite surly teenagers dressed in all black "costumes." I think 13+ is too old for trick or treating; go to a costume party if you like, take a baby sibling out, but don't come shuffling and mumbling to my doorstep unless you are damn perky for a teenager.

The CUTEST kid all night was a little girl who looked about three. She had on a fuzzy horse outfit, smiled and said "Twick oh tweat." I knelt down and asked her if she could do horsie noises for me, and her mom said she wasn't sure, but she could do piggy noises. Mom said, "Do your piggy sound!" This adorable little girl smiled and said "Soooooiieeeeee!" I almost fell over from the cuteness.


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