Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday Random Ten

Inspired by Elisson, who does a Friday Random Ten, I decided to do a Wednesday Random Ten.

Unlike Elisson, I'm not listening on a Little White Choon Box, but rather Windows Media Player on my PC. Here are the last ten songs in my shuffle!

1. Pachelbel - "Canon in D"
2. The Proclaimers - "I'm On My Way"
3. Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"
4. Waldeck - "This Isn't Maybe"
5. Chicago - "Old Days"
6. Rihanna - "Pon de Replay"
7. Led Zeppelin - "Immigrant Song"
8. Panjabi MC - "Mundian to Bach Ke"
9. Crowded House - "Something So Strong"
10. Simply Red - "Holding Back The Years"

Right now, I've got the headphones on and the computer pointed to KFI 640 AM out of Los Angeles, listening to Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

It's Wednesday afternoon. What are you listening to?


At 11:00 AM, May 19, 2006, Blogger Elisson said...

Right now, I'm listening to myself fart. Chinese food last night...does it every frickin' time.

How 'bout a Random Random Ten? Post it at any hour, any day. Now, that's something, bruthuh.


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