Monday, July 31, 2006

Crap that irritates me

Ok, so it's Monday again. Whoopadeedoo. Actually the day is going rather well so far, but it is Monday, so why not complain anyhow? :D

Here's a short list of crap that irritates me.

  • Apostrophe's in word's that are plural's, not possessive.

  • Ignored/unacknowledged instant messages- dude, if you're busy, set your damn self to "away" and I won't write to you! Gah!

  • The apparently unlearnable-by-many phenomena of "your" being possessive and "you're" being a contraction of "you are."

  • The fact that many native-born Americans' English grammar is shitty in comparison with my Mexican-born friend who has only been here for a dozen years. If she can learn it as a second language in a decade-plus, how come in your twenty or thirty years, you can't get the concepts?? You only have the one language to worry about! (I'll have to borrow Boortz's theory on this one...gub'mint schools.)

  • Pregnant chicks who smoke, willfully disregarding their unborn child's health, not to mention their own.

  • People who do not wash their mitts after using the restroom. One word- ew.

  • When I hear a new song I actually like on the radio, but the DJ does not identify it, and when I call to ask, they don't answer the damn phone.

I remain...



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