Sunday, July 30, 2006

Disposition of a situation

You may remember that a little over a week ago, on my birthday, I found a stray dog.

Last Thursday, I called our city shelter and left a voice mail inquiring about her- if she had been adopted, euthanized, whatever. I tried not to keep my hopes too high, because the shelter is very full this time of year, and a dog's chances can be slim for getting adopted. I knew that her "owners" were not the type to go looking for their pet at the shelter, either. (On a side note, if I ever find out what waste of space claimed her as a pet, I'd shoot them and bury them in my front yard. They wouldn't be missed.)

While running some errands yesterday, I got a phone call from the shelter with the fabulous news that lil' Biscuit has found a forever home! ****Yay!****

This incident reminded me of a post I did last February, quoting an essay by Jim Willis called "I Stole Your Dog." Give it another read.


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