Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day of the Beast lives up to its name

Boy, this day of 666 is not starting out very well.

First, DH, dogs and I were awakened at 5:45 am by crashing thunder, pounding rain, hail, and failing electricity. As of now, 10:30 am, the power is still out in a large chunk of my area of town.

Trees are splintered, traffic signals are unlit, and a 3 mile section of a road I need to cross to get to and from work is shut down.

I had to go far north out of my way to get to work, with wet hair and no makeup. (Overcast skies mean not enough light in the house either- you ever try to do eyeliner by flashlight? Doesn't work.)

When I got to work (title and escrow company), I was greeted with a phone call from one of our banks, informing me that a careless manager (who's now on vacation this week) didn't pay attention to what checks she signed last Friday, and has overdrawn BOTH escrow accounts with that bank.

I'm the person who does escrow accounting. I have responsibility without authority, a difficult balance at best.

This is the second time in a month that this manager has overdrawn an escrow account. Keep in mind- escrow accounts are NOT our money, and ours generally carry a balance of over a million each.


Hopefully I'll have a good lunch to make it up.

End rant.


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