Tuesday, August 29, 2006

100 Cosas, el segundo parte

Here's the final portion of my 100 Things list, finally. I don't think I've made any duplicates, but if I have, just chalk it up to baby-brain.

78. We found out this morning that we're having a girl!
79. I had a preggo freakout momentarily, worried that my husband was disappointed at the lack of twig 'n berries and would not be happy with a daughter.
80. He is just fine, tyvm.
81. Our daughter will be the fifth generation of first-born women in my family- going backwards, it's now me, my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. That's first born child, and first grandchild also.
82. I am having one hell of a time typing today for some reason.
83. I keep half-jokingly telling my boss that we need an office dog, but I don't think he is close to caving yet.
84. I'd take an office cat, too, but more people are likely to be allergic, my husband being one.
85. My crochet group is doing a crochet-along for September, and everyone's making a purse. I'm almost halfway done with mine!
86. I'm really looking forward to teaching our baby girl Spanish (and English, duh).
87. Dammit, this is taking too long. Come back tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

100 Things (the first part)

Inspired by High Desert Diva, here's my list of 100 Things About Me.

1. I hate snakes. HATE. THEM. Every single one. Nasty things.
2. I love anything with fur, feathers, flippers, or fins, but I also like many animals I cannot put into those categories- like tortoises.
3. I am very particular about grammar and spelling.
4. If I think that my grammatical structure in something I'm typing might be wrong, I'll change it instead of letting it be possibly erroneous.
5. I'm perfectly OK with a lot of internet-isms, word shortening or misspelling that occurs online.
6. But, the substitution of "u" for "you" really annoys the hell out of me.
7. Sometimes it's hard for me to not correct the grammar and spelling of those that I love or like...
8. ...Because I am fully aware that in most circles, I am alone in this particular neurosis.
9. I think I have a pretty decent singing voice.
10. I'd have to be pretty drunk to sing in public, but I sing along to music at my desk, in the car, and at home all the time.
11. My husband is the only person who has ever heard me sing, and he thinks I sound lovely.
12. The dogs don't mind either.
13. My sister told me all the time when I was younger to stop singing with the radio; she said my voice sucked.
14. I think it gave me a complex.
15. Before my husband and I met, I had made up secret songs for my cat, Bagheera.
16. When we met, he told me that he sang silly stuff regularly to his (now our) dog, Barney.
17. We still make up songs for our three dogs.
18. There's only one person I seriously dated that I could reasonably run into someday.
19. The other two eventually moved back to their home states after we broke up.
20. I wish one of them that moved away would trade places with the one that lives in my city, just so that I would not ever have to bump into him.
21. I'm often curious about my husband's exes and the backstories, and I'm perfectly all right hearing about them.
22. My husband doesn't want to know ANYTHING about anyone I dated.
23. Sometimes, it doesn't seem quite real that we're actually going to have a baby in December.
24. I quietly relish the fact that I've been able to keep my baby weight gain within doctor's recommendations, when many women cannot.
25. I have a hard time containing my contempt for women who dump their babies into daycare so they can go back to work.
26. I'm really going to miss working with my husband after the baby comes.
27. I'm sure he will miss having his lunch made for him daily. *ha*
28. After almost seven years together, he still makes my heart race.
29. I desperately hope that spark won't peter out after several more years.
30. I am an atheist living in the buckle of the Bible Belt.
31. If for some crazy ass reason I ever went back to church, I cannot see myself going anywhere except a Catholic one, the way I was raised.
32. My mother took me to a few evangelical churches when I was in middle school.
33. Those people scared me.
34. I'm really glad that my husband and I agree on matters of religion (or lack thereof).
35. I think that people of differing faiths who get married and have kids are just asking for problems.
36. My father converted two women to Catholicism, and married them both.
37. My dad's marriage to my stepmother lasted 15 years, until her untimely death last year.
38. My own parents' marriage lasted barely ten years before they divorced...
39. With five kids...
40. All under age 9.
41. I think that having three dogs has actually been good practice for having kids.
42. I acknowledge that many people will think this is nutso.
43. I believe it has done wonders for my patience, in dealing with various bodily fluids and the myriad ways in which they are expelled.
44. I think I am a fairly likeable person.
45. But I don't have very many friends.
46. I am one of the most fiercely loyal people you would ever meet.
47. I would draw blood with my bare hands to avenge the honor of someone I loved.
48. I am prone to daydreams in which I sometimes imagine bad things happening, and how I would react to them.
49. I had a weird real life situation a few years ago in which I had to administer the Heimlich maneuver...
50. ...to someone I don't even like...
51. ...my mother.
52. I have never had stitches.
53. But I have had a broken elbow.
54. While I acknowledge the reality of abortion, I personally think it's homicide, and I could never have one.
55. I plan to teach our kids to speak some Spanish.
56. Because of his childhood experiences, my husband gets annoyed by hearing Spanish being spoken.
57. However, he has a perfect accent and speaks excellent fake Spanish (he makes words up).
58. I didn't realize when I started this list just how difficult it would be to come up with 100 things.
59. I've started to realize that I'm no longer a Republican.
60. I now consider myself a Libertarian.
61. My main disagreements with my former party are the issues of gay marriage (I'm all for it), prayer in schools (everyone is already allowed to pray if they want to- no one should be forced), and their current trend of bigger government (I'm for limited gov't).
62. I consider myself a pretty good cook and baker, and I actually enjoy it.
63. My husband has told me more than once that he would not have married a woman who refuses to cook.
64. Now all I need is a kitchen crew like in restaurants, to clean up my messes, wash dishes, and let me just play chef.
65. Despite being an atheist, I love everything about Christmas.
66. I have no poker face.
67. If I don't like you, I have a hard time disguising it.
68. If I am happy, I have a hard time keeping a secret about it. (Ask my husband how long I waited to call everyone I know about being pregnant.)
69. However, if a friend tells me something in confidence, I do not betray that trust.
70. I like to think that my lack of poker face ability makes me a genuine person, but it also makes me a very bad liar, and we all know that lying can come in handy once in a while.
71. Now that my husband can feel my baby belly getting bigger, he is a lot more into the whole pregnancy thing than he was before.
72. When we fooled around the other night, he told me laying on top of me was like being on a teeter-totter. LOL
73. I have now been pregnant for longer than we were trying. (5 ½ months vs. 5 months)
74. Five months of trying to conceive felt like an eternity at the time...
75. ...but now it makes me giggle to think how impatient I was (ahem, how impatient I am, coughcough).
76. I firmly believe that if you don't laugh sometimes during sex, you're either not doing it right, or you're not doing it with the right person.
77. This list has now officially taken me a week, just to get to number seventy-seven.

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why do lesbians dress like dudes?

While browsing through some Flickr photo pages, I came upon this image.

The image begs the question: Why do so many lesbians dress, act, and look like men?

Straight women generally don't talk in basso tones, cut off all their hair (except for a maybe a mullet), go unshaven in the leg and pit areas, walk around sans makeup, and wear boy's clothing. (I said generally; hippies and feminists and fat rednecks notwithstanding.)

I thought that lesbians liked women. To me, being a woman is soft, feminine, sensual, pretty- not looking like a man with different parts underneath.

I'm firmly stationed on the hetero team, but if I was to switch, I sure would not want a woman who looked, acted, talked, and dressed like a dude!

What's the point of being sexually attracted to women if all the gay women look like men? Basically, then, you've reduced it to penis vs. vagina/boobies. There's so much more to it than just that!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

South Africans shiver through harsh winter

In this Yahoo! news article, you'll read about how South Africans are suffering through an unusually harsh winter.

I predict that although they're having heavy snow and icy winds, some wacko liberal will find a way to attribute it to global warming, and pin blame on America's lack of signature of the Kyoto treaty.